Nathan Fugate

I was born In Georgia. I was raised in Georgia. And Missouri is where I live now -- Kansas City, to be exact. I am a historian, researcher, writer, and blogger. I am an experienced content marketing specialist. I write because I am passionate about using my voice to benefit others and their brands. 

Newspaper Column: To Have a Vision or to Cast Off Restraint

A few years ago, I read a proverb that said, “When people lack vision, they cast off restraint.” In other words, those who have no life vision and method for achieving it will cease to be self-disciplined in life. They will merely float around in life as ghosts of who they were meant to be. Having a life vision is not just your life dream, but also how will you achieve it and consequently walk it out. Now this proverb re- ally struck me to my core as I be- gan to ask myself the deeper questions

Newspaper Column: Dealing with Mistreatment

I think this is such a good quote, because I have always wondered how suffering and mistreatment can coexist with mercy, forgiveness and justice. Over the years, I have found that people are not perfect and will eventually hurt you. We must ask ourselves if we should retaliate in anger, withdraw from them, let them continue, or talk to them about it. I have found that when I retaliate, it will only makes the situation worse. However, when I withdraw, I find that the issue still bothers me.